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400 Years Across The Ocean: The Birth Of America

Author: Walter Sawyer



There must be a greater power than all of us. In 1607, an Indian named Squanto was kidnapped from his village. He was taken across the ocean, where he lived with a monk name, Brother Daniel, for fourteen years.

His dealings with the monks, learning a new way of life, enabled him to change his outlook on life. Squanto learned the sensitivity of being tactful and sympathetic to others.

While Squanto was with Brother Daniel, he met William Bradford and John Carver while staying at the monastery.

He escaped to a ship, going back to America in time to meet with the Pilgrims there.

In 1608, four hundred English Protestants were exiled to Leiden, Holland. Dissatisfied with the Church of England, they had hopes of reaching the promised land. The reason for coming to America was not for religious freedom but religious persecution.

William Bradford (the colonies’ governor) wrote, “Advancing the kingdom of Christ to a new part of the world.”

Squanto found his village wiped out from disease, leaving the huts empty. He suggested the Pilgrims occupy them that first winter; only forty-two Pilgrims survived out of 102.

When the Pilgrims landed in America, the Indians began to squabble between each other. Acting as a go-between as tempers escalated, Squanto was quoted as saying: “We live on the same earth.” “We live under the same moon.” “We breathe the same air.” “Why can’t we get along?” For the next fifty years, harmony existed between the settlers and the Indians.

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