Unravel life’s baffling mystery by cracking the secret code of this world. The world is a strange illusion replete with riddles, puzzles, conundrums, and Trojan Horses.

Use this book to crack earthly life’s mysterious code.

Crashing Streams of Change embodies a fresh stream of ideas and a novel understanding of how to see the world. It is unique and different from all other books that you have ever read and will ever read in your life. And when you are done, you will never be the same again-I guarantee it. The book is a flaming, dramatic panorama of spine-tingling scenes and nail-biting moments that inspire awe and a new and refreshingly delightful grasp of love and adventure.

This dashingly entertaining presentation is a riveting collection of romantic moments; sassy, erotic exchanges; and piquant see-saws between Vannetta’s newly found obsession with sex and her husband Simeon’s ardent yearning to improve the lives of the poor. The book captures the many frustrating and confusing moments that life throws at all of us; and, in part pedagogic beauty; it presents penetrating insight into life’s cryptic mystery and poignant answers to puzzling, age-old problems. In this regard, the book elucidates and explains life’s seemingly unfathomable issues and shatters the secret and inscrutable code of human problems. Who needs to read this book-every man alive!

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