A Bird with a Broken Wing by Dr. Sharon Forde-Atikossie is an intense book for those who have lost a close loved one. It is profoundly moving and deeply insightful with her personal experiences with death and the grieving process, which many of us can relate to. It is also raw and unflinching. This book speaks of things that some of us would not dream of mentioning for fear of embarrassment. The author speaks very candidly about herself and highlights many topics I have not read about or heard of before, and I am still experiencing most of the things stated in the book. Even though this book brought tears to my eyes and a little pain to my heart, it also gave me joy. It has eased my pain to a point, allowing me to understand that I am not alone in this grieving process and that many others are experiencing the same things that Dr. Forde-Atikossie experienced. The boldness in her writing shows the pain she endured, and her desire to share it with us allowed me to look at myself with a better understanding of how I should look at my loved one’s death. I try to remember what they did when they were alive, which I see as the season they had on earth, and to think of their lifespan as a legacy they left behind. This book is a compelling and intense read which, in the end, makes one smile and begin to come to terms with reality and wanting to cope with the death of a loved one. It makes one want to live rather than wallow in self-pity.

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