The Us Review of Books (USRB) praised the inspiring book entitled “Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story” by Dr. James P. Meade, Jr.

God comforts us, and as a result of God’s comforting us, we must also comfort others. Never lose hope that God will provide a solution. Believe in your ability to win any struggle that God has given you. Everything that occurs in our lives has a purpose, and all we need to do is believe in God and our abilities to carry it out.

Book reviews provide a summary of the book’s content, evaluate its value, and recommend it to other readers. It increases the chances of gaining readers as well as increasing the visibility of the book. The more the book has a positive review, the more it gathers attention. The US Review of Books is one of the US-based contemporary book review publications run by professional reviewers and editors. They analyze every qualifying book that is released without regard for the work’s author or publisher.

Carolyn Davis of The US Review of Books (USRB) reviewed Dr. James P. Meade, Jr.’s “Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story,” which she commends. She highlighted, “His honesty about his ordeal is poignant and makes the book easy to read and believable… It is a book that should appeal not only to veterans but everyone.”

Dr. Meade, the author, has worked with brain-injured individuals and their families around the world and has seen people create miracles that even other professionals thought could never happen. Dr. Meade does not cure people but has watched people make their miracles. Much of what he writes describes how what he has experienced and seen has changed his own life and the lives of others.

The book, “Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story,” is a collection of the experiences that guided James Meade, Jr., from being an animal-like survivor of a massive brain injury to a Ph.D. in psychology and an internationally known speaker who has shared with audiences around the United States and the world.

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