The Stories Behind Your Favorite Christmas Reads

It’s the season for storytelling magic! Turn your radio on and listen to heartwarming stories and journeys by our outstanding authors. These stories are one-of-a-kind and undeniably unique, as their hardships and inspiration were shared through an interview with Benji Cole, the host of CBS Radio.

In this enchanting session, we’ll uncover the secrets behind crafting heartwarming tales that capture the essence of the holiday spirit. Get ready to unwrap the creativity and inspiration behind some of your favorite festive stories. From timeless classics to modern novels, this interview promises to illuminate the joyous art of Christmas storytelling!

Below are some of the inspiring interviews only made with Citi of Books:

Fun and engaging talk of Tracy Filigenzi about her book “The Special Little Star” with Benji Cole of CBS Radio
Heartwarming stories from the author of “Pharaoh,” Harvey C. Long Jr. during the CBS Radio interview with Benji Cole
Spectacular talk of Mark Mullens children’s book with Benji Cole of CBS Radio
An amazing discussion of Lee Arnold’s book with Benji Cole of CBS Radio
“Life’s Journey (Volume 1) by Jon F. Gleman inspiring interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio

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