“The Music That Makes Me Dance” by Beatrice Perry Soublet is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is pleased to launch the publication of the poetry book “The Music That Makes Me Dance” by Beatrice Perry Soublet. This wonderful book can now be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

Beatrice Perry Soublet, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a retired educator who currently resides in East Point, Georgia. She is a graduate of Bennett College and George Washington University.

Ms. B, as she is fondly called, has authored a number of books of poetry, including Watchwords: Thoughts on Race, Water and War and Always Bring Your Sunglasses, both of which are available on Amazon.com. Her artistic excellence has been recognized by her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and she was recently commissioned by her faith community, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, to write a poem commemorating the church’s 110th anniversary.

She was married to the late Lawrence C. Soublet, Jr., with whom she co-founded the Atlanta branch of ERACE, a racial discussion group. She is the mother of a son, the late Nathaniel T. Stanley, and a daughter, Kathryn V. Stanley.

Each one of us has a unique taste in music, whether it depends on our mood or the genre of the song. However, one of the best kinds of music to listen to is what your heart says.

“The Music That Makes Me Dance” is a collection of poems that will encourage readers to listen to their inner music, the music of the heart. On some days, that personal song might be a lilting melody that encourages a slow, somber dance. On others, perhaps you hear a dirge during which standing and moaning is an appropriate response. The poem “African Dancing,” inspired by the poet’s lived experience, will find in you a memory that will make you twirl and spin like a child’s old-fashioned spinning top.

Whatever you hear or feel, standing still while your heart accompanies you in song will not be an option. “The Music That Makes Me Dance” will leave you moving.

“The Music That Makes Me Dance” by Beatrice Perry Soublet is now available for purchase thru the links provided below:

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