“The Magic of Shoes” by Saudah Aziz is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is delighted to announce the publication of the book “The Magic of Shoes” by Saudah Aziz. This young adult fiction is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites.

Saudah Aziz, a special education teacher in Texas, draws on her experience to craft a heartwarming young adult novel. Inspired by the importance students place on footwear, the story uses shoes as a metaphor for the power of choice.

Through relatable scenarios, Aziz puts readers in the shoes of middle schoolers, navigating the challenges and complexities of that age. The magic lies in the idea that our actions, like the shoes we choose, shape our experiences and the world around us. Her book encourages critical thinking, positive decision-making, and building strong character. Ultimately, it’s a journey of self-discovery, promoting kindness and social-emotional learning for young readers.

“The Magic of Shoes” revolves around Sheba, who was born in America but has West African ancestry. Her family celebrated her birth with a new pair of shoes, and ever since then, new shoes have created a magical spirit that protects her. On her sixth birthday, Sheba visits her family in Ghana and receives a new pair of sandals. However, when she puts them on, something extraordinary happens: the sandals look different, feel different, and even smell different. Each new pair of shoes Sheba receives gives her a unique attitude, leading her to develop positive relationships using the love embedded in these magical shoes.

The book aims to inspire middle school students to recognize their power to change the world through kindness. It explores how the right pair of shoes can impact one’s personality and choices during the challenging teenage years. “The Magic of Shoes” takes readers on a journey through various scenarios and situations that occur during a school year, emphasizing the importance of empathy and self-empowerment.

“The Magic of Shoes” by Saudah Aziz is now available for purchase through the links provided below:

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