The book “Small Town Big City: When Time Stood Still” by Jeff A. Lopez received a Book to Hollywood Movie Treatment

A movie treatment presents the idea of the film before writing the entire script. It highlights the most important information about the film that came from the book; it includes the title, logline, story summary (that may be presented as three-act movie plot summaries), and character description. Treatments also give authors the chance to condense their story concept so they can pitch it to studio heads or producers who might want to fund the movie.

Jeff A. Lopez’s book “Small Town, Big City: When Time Stood Still” received the Book to Hollywood Movie Treatment after the successful movie script coverage that was previously written for the book. Considering the suggestions from the first level of writing a screenplay, the movie treatment shows the flow of the story that’ll be good on screen as it showcases the thrill and suspense of how the characters deal with the conflict.

Jeff A. Lopez, author of “Small Town, Big City: When Time Stood Still,” grew up in Union City, California, a small town back in the late 1950s. Before moving to Concord, California, in 1972 to attend De La Salle High School, he had the privilege of sitting down with such artists as Dion DeNucci, Little Richard, Little Willie G (Willie Garcia), and a personal favorite, Emilio Castillo, founder of Tower of Power, and Freddy Stone (Steward), founding member of Sly and The Family Stone. All of which gave Jeff the aspiration to love music and become a musician, a Gospel concert promoter, and the founder of Gospel Soul Festival.

The story of “Small Town, Big City: When Time Stood Still” follows a wide cast of characters, including families, friends, and law enforcement officers, as they cope with the aftermath of the shooting and seek to find the truth behind the violence. Amidst grief, fear, and anger, various relationships are tested, and individuals try to find solace and closure in their ways.

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