“Photogems: A Devotional” by Greg W. Davis is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is delighted to announce the release of the book “Photogems: A Devotional” by Greg W. Davis. This picture book is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

Greg W. Davis was born in Streator, IL, in 1963, and was raised nearby in Ottawa, IL. He attended college in St. Paul, MN, where he received his BA in Apostolic Studies. There, he met his wife, Julia (Cline), and spent his early ministry years in Walkerton, IN. In 1986, he returned back to Ottawa, IL, to serve as a youth pastor.

In 1993, Julia and he moved to DeKalb, IL, and began the United Pentecostal Church of DeKalb, where he now serves as Senior Pastor. He also completed his education in tax accounting (BA Accountancy) and became a CPA in 1994. He has two lovely daughters, Dawn and Haley, and a rambunctious family dog named Chloe.

“Photogems: A Devotional” is a book that consists of twenty (20) delightful pictures that serve as devotionals on Biblical principles and ideas. This coffee table devotional is meant for every home. Also, each chapter includes self-study questions that serve to inspire, commit, and further disciple Christians to greater truths from Scripture.

“Photogems: A Devotional” by Greg W. Davis is now available for purchase through the link provided below:

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