“My Royal Heritage Uncovered In Black Skin” by Webster E. Moore was highly commended by The US Review of Books (USRB)

Book reviews provide a summary of the book’s content, evaluate its value, and recommend it to other readers. It increases the chances of gaining readers as well as increasing the visibility of the book. The more the book has a positive review, the more it gathers attention. The US Review of Books is one of the US-based contemporary book review publications run by professional reviewers and editors. They analyze every qualifying book that is released without regard for the work’s author or publisher.

Barbara Bamberger Scott of The US Review of Books thoroughly evaluated Webster E. Moore’s book, “My Royal Heritage Uncovered in Black Skin.” The book was highly recommended and praised, quoting that “Moore’s lively, intelligently arrayed memoir can provide inspiration for persons of every race and could easily prompt others to engage in their own research into racial history and injustice.”

Webster E. Moore, the author of the book, earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles; a master’s degree in educational psychology from California State University, Northridge; and he enrolled in the doctoral program in sociology at the University of Southern California. He has visited and studied the Egyptian archaeological sites, been initiated into the ancient Ifa religion in Nigeria, been to Tanzania’s Ujamaa Villages, Israel’s Kibbutz, Mexico’s Yucatan Pyramid, and Peru’s Machu Picchu National Sanctuary.

He wrote the book entitled “My Royal Heritage Uncovered in Black Skin,” a book about growth, revelations, going into the unknown, becoming more than everything we’ve ever learned, and simply loving the desire and pleasure of discovery.

This book was about Webster E. Moore’s discovery that people with black skin were the first architects, the first astronomers, the first physicians, and the first scientists. He then discovers, after experiencing the constant negation of any history beyond slavery, that the history of people in black skins is the blueprint, the foundation, and the mold from which people in white skins built their history.

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