“Multiple Shades of Gray” by JR Conway is now available for purchase

Citi of Books proudly announces the publication of the book “Multiple Shades of Gray” by JR Conway. This thrilling book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading online bookstores.

JR Conway was raised on a Maryland farm after being born in Washington, DC. was recruited into the United States Army at the age of 21. is a veteran of the Vietnam War who served many tours as a helicopter pilot. JR retired, changed into a new uniform, and enlisted in the El Paso County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office. He briefly ran a fixed-base operation where he sold airplanes and gave flying lessons. Not his wisest move, in his opinion.

JR relocated from Colorado to Wyoming and established a security and private investigation business there with his wife. Twelve years after starting that business, JR relocated to New Mexico and began a new profession as a business consultant and manager of a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) at a community college that assisted companies in doing business with governments.

“Multiple Shades of Gray” is a thrilling narrative that revolves around the story of Craig Spence after his retirement. It wasn’t easy for him to let go of his job. A senior living facility where they planned to finally live a life free of stress and excitement. Craig, however, is instrumental in saving the life of a person involved in a serious accident, is stalked by a mountain lion, finds the remains while hiking, and finds that a killer is hiding out in the senior manor in which they live.

A killer who had committed a gruesome crime ten years ago and was still on the run.

Who is the killer? And how will he reveal the mysterious identity of that criminal? Find it out by reading “Multiple Shades of Gray.”

“Multiple Shades of Gray” by JR Conway is now available for purchase via links provided below.

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