More Than Presents: Find Lasting Treasures in Books This Christmas at Citi of Books

The holiday spirit is in full swing as we joyfully approach Christmas, marking the 10th day of festive anticipation. The excitement builds with each passing day, promising an enchanting celebration today. Amidst the winter chill, there’s a special warmth in curling up by the fireside with a cherished book, combining the magic of Christmas with the comfort of literature.

Books are not just a tool where we can learn; they’re also a friend that can accompany us during the most wonderful time of the year. This season, Citi of Books will bring you exceptional books that are perfect with your cocoa drink during the rain of snowflakes. From classic tales to modern stories, from children’s books to quick reads, everything is here, ready to become gifts to our dear loved ones. These books capture the essence of Christmas, where stories of kindness, love, and the spirit of the holidays blend together to make a joyful and inspirational tapestry.

In our bookstore, you can find different varieties of books that you will surely love and enjoy. From timeless classics to contemporary tales, Christmas books come in various shapes and sizes, catering to readers of all ages and tastes. Just like Tracy Marie Filigenzi’s “The Special Little Star,” a story that tells purpose and confidence. Alongside are Mark Mullen’s children’s books “The Sound of Animals” and “Dinky and Duke: Morning at the Farm,” which are perfect for children and children at heart this joyous season.

And on the other hand, for those who seek adventure, love, fantasy, and other genres that play the heart, mind, and soul of their readers, they’ll surely love what’s in our bookstore. “Story from the Boxcar” by Michael Franklin Varro is a nostalgic and inspiring story filled with memories, history, and tradition. There’s also “Any Way Out” by Lisa White and Chief Hacha Kusso’s “A Silent Cry,” which depict gut wrenching stories that will bring tears to your cold winter nights.

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