Matthew McNeal’s official website is now live

A new website has been released for the spectacular novel “Drakkynn” by Matthew McNeal. It provides the author’s biographical information as well as details on how and where to purchase his books.

Matthew McNeal has attended Fairmont State College in West Virginia, Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences online BSN, and Midwestern University in Arizona. He has been a registered nurse since 1999 and became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in 2011. He currently lives in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife and their numerous dogs, cats, and tortoises.

The protagonist of the gripping book “Drakkynn” is Colonel Conner Allan, the lone survivor of an event that claimed the lives of many men. Readers of this riveting book will find themselves glued to their chairs. A narrative about a man who, by some miracle, survived facing death.

An entire unit of soldiers is massacred except for one man, Colonel Connor Allan, who is quickly overwhelmed with new abilities and unusual strength. While he contemplates his possible immortality, he must find the men who are responsible for the theft of a prototype weapon with immeasurable power. With so much against him, he must follow the advice of an old friend and only learn how crucial his mission is when it is almost too late.

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