Marco Santucci’s enthralling book, “Tattered Edges,” is now available for purchase

The publication of the book “Tattered Edges” presents the beauty of the inner self and life. The story of struggle, perseverance, hope, and acceptance is a narrative that’s timely and transformational. The book, which was written by Marco Santucci, is now published by Citi Books and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites.

Mary Santucci, who is now Marco Santucci, the author, grew up in Ottawa, Illinois, and left home at the age of 21 because he couldn’t find the medical resources he needed to transition from a woman to a man. When he was young, he was adopted by the family of Carmen and Dorothy, along with an adopted older brother whose name is Nick.

Marco’s reality played out on the Dr. 90210 show in 2008. In 2009, he authored his first book, Paranormal Noise: Listen Beyond the Silence. In 2011, Darklands Paranormal was born, consisting of Marco and Scott Ault as known paranormal investigators until their retirement in 2019. They were featured on “My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera” (Ep: Don’t Fear the Creeper) in 2012, “Storage Wars” (Ep: Ghosts Don’t Need No Money) in 2014, and “Ghost Adventures” in 2019.

They shot a pilot for SYFY along with other production ideas with DreamWorks and Sam Mettler, the producer of Intervention. Marco now lives in Northern California with his wife Pam, continuing to write and devoting his time to finding solutions to homelessness.

“Tattered Edges” is Marco’s story of transformation and acceptance of oneself. It is the author’s life-changing story and his curiosity about how men live. It started when he was six and saw his older brother standing to pee. Marco tried to mimic what his older brother did but never succeeded as the liquid just flowed down the floor. When he was twelve, an older neighbor tried to rape him, and he learned that no man could ever control him.

As his life went on, his question of who he was was finally answered when he read an article about a tennis athlete who had the same crisis as him. Gender dysphoria is a term that describes a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. Marco faced several societal issues, and that includes his problem with his mom because of who he is. Will he be able to find his peace amidst the judging world?

“Tattered Edges” by Marco Santucci is now available to purchase through the links provided below:

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