Juliana F. Sabat’s motivational book, “God’s Truth Revealed,” is now available for purchase

Citi of Books launched the publication of the book “God’s Truth Revealed” by Juliana F. Sabat. The book was written to make everyone aware of His word and is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites.

The story about the beginning of the earth is made clear with God’s truth as revealed in this book, “God’s Truth Revealed”. For every positive force, there is a negative one that would keep us alert to discern where we should stand. We must know the difference. The Holy Spirit of God is always around to assist the believers, but the evil spirit of Satan is also roaming around, ready to take over if we are not mindful of God’s truth and knowledge that protects us from falling into sin.

The author, Juliana Sabat, wrote this book to spread the Word of God, and those who read it will be blessed. She has been devoted to listening to the Shepherd’s Chapel on the air for ten years and has tried switching to other religious programs but realized that those are not beneficial for her. Juliana found herself going back to Shepherd’s Chapel, and that became her habit.

She is a registered nurse in New York and used to work in an extensive practice of bedside nursing at Montefiore Medical Center, Beth Israel Hospital, Lincoln Hospital, and Rochester Medical Hospital in New York. She was also a clinical nurse in geriatrics for one year. She retired from her job in 1987 to focus on studying the Bible.

Julianna is now a grandmother to Dominique and Sofia, which are the children of her daughter Emmarie, who married Steve. She also shares her God-given knowledge and wisdom with families in her little ways.

God’s words are real and everlasting, so you can trust them! All blessings flow from God. What does God want from us? He wants us to love Him. How do we love God? Our relationship with God is essentially important. It is a relationship of give and take based on righteousness. It discusses the figurative meaning of the word’s “thirst” and “famine”, a wedding with Christ, and a revelation of a new Kingdom to be inherited by God’s children.

Juliana F. Sabat’s, “God’s Truth Revealed,” is now available to purchase through the links provided below:

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