“Journey To the Prize” by Karl Peterson is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is delighted to announce the publication of the spectacular book “Journey to the Prize” by Karl Peterson. This amazing book is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

Karl Peterson is sixty-nine years old and grew up in Monmouth County. He likes hiking, stamp collecting, and traveling. He currently lives in Wanamassa, New Jersey. He dedicated this novel to his friend, who passed away, and to the martyrs.

“Journey to the Prize” is the story of a young man and his friend who are involved in an unusual and dangerous mission.

Manny Guzman, a young man who lives on a ranch raising horses and being a rider, is a great friend of Alex, who has a cousin, Alois Dorman, a research scientist in Germany. Set in 1933, Manny and his friend are set to go to Germany to help Alex’s cousin, who’s in a bind. A year when Nazis are up to no good forced Alois to work on a project, which may result in disastrous repercussions. He needed their help desperately so he could get a copy of the project into the right hands. Will Alois succeed?

“Journey to the Prize” by Karl Peterson, an adventurous novel with a touch of historical gripping events, is set to capture the reader’s interest. Purchase the book through the link provided below:

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