JoEllen Collins’ fantastic book “A Reluctant Pioneer” is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is honored to announce the publication of the book “A Reluctant Pioneer” by JoEllen Collins. The spectacular book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading online bookstores.

JoEllen Collins, a teacher, poet, and artist, raised her two daughters in Santa Monica/Malibu, California, and in Sun Valley, Idaho, where she currently resides and writes an award-winning newspaper column.

She loves to travel, tell stories, teach, create crafts and art, sing in community choirs, lead book club discussions, and spend as much time as she can with her grandchildren, who live in San Francisco.

“A Reluctant Pioneer” is a story focusing on Leah Brown, a wife and mother from San Francisco who decides to spend time at a small cabin built in Idaho territory in the late 1860s by her great-great-grandparents, Linnea and Thaddeus Milton.

She debates further debilitating treatments for her illness, something that has precluded her from being able to spend time with her husband, Ned, and two sons while they are away at summer camp. Her memories of childhood and the tragic loss of her father stir her mind, especially when she discovers Linnea’s long-hidden diary.

As she reads and rereads it and begins to explore the world around her, she gains perspective on the challenges women have always faced. She honors the pioneer’s words and imagines Linnea’s unwritten thoughts. Leah experiences a surprisingly different time in the old cabin than she expected.

What are the things that Leah discovered upon reading the diary? And what twisted fate happened during her stay in the old cabin?

“A Reluctant Pioneer” by JoEllen Collins is now available for purchase via the links provided below:

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