Harvey C. Long Jr.’s official website is now live

A new website has been released for the fantastic book “Pharaoh: The Urban Legend” by Harvey C. Long Jr. It provides the author’s biographical information as well as details on how and where to purchase his books.

Harvey C. Long Jr., the author, attended Bradford and Newberry High Schools. He loved being in the country, woodworking, music, and writing. Alachua County is where he was born. He had numerous encounters with the law.

Now changed, he relished life and farming, finally putting his previous work front and center. In 2004, while incarcerated, the writer began “Pharaoh: The Urban Legend.” Walton Correctional Institution and Century Correctional Institution completed it after that. Numerous prisoners read it, and it became a jail classic.

“Pharaoh: The Urban Legend” is a gripping novel about a man who was fighting to live life and love.

The story revolves around a guy dealing with life in poverty, where the only way to live was to do things against the law. Pharaoh had been stuck in Village Green for the last few years. The only option he believed he had for getting money was to be a criminal.

He would soon find out the background of a girl who suddenly took an interest in him, and her pain would slip into his heart and touch every fiber in his body. He falls in love with her while dealing with hardships and a dopey life.

Then the two cousins, Richie and Draco, came to him with a plan. But on the streets of Gainesville, Florida, somebody always knew somebody. And Rose, his mom, had been on the streets for a while. It wouldn’t be long before the news spread.

 Visit his website through this link: https://authorharveylong.com/.

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