“Galaxies Collide” by Aaron L. Bratcher is now available for purchase

The critically acclaimed novel “Galaxies Collide,” by Aaron L. Bratcher, has been published by Citi of Books. This book is a captivating science fiction novel that explores the consequences of ecocide and the moral implications of colonization. Purchase it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites.

Aaron L. Bratcher is a versatile, multi-genre author who currently resides in northern Georgia with his wife, their dogs, and an array of fish. When he isn’t immersed in writing, Aaron cherishes spending quality time with family and friends, exploring new places through travel, and actively volunteering at his local church. He also leads a local writing critique group, where he nurtures a supportive community of fellow writers. In his leisure time, Aaron enjoys engaging in various games, blending creativity and strategy for fun and relaxation.

“Galaxies Collide” takes readers on a thrilling journey across space, where survival and secrets collide. 

With Earth’s natural resources critically low, scientists develop a new technology—a wormhole—to reach a new world. Seventeen-year-old Fanar joins his father and others on the planet Niton to establish a colony. Their mission is to send much-needed water and resources back to Earth. However, when equipment malfunctions, Fanar’s father disappears, and people fall ill and die. The supposedly uninhabited world reveals a hidden secret—one that threatens not only the colony but also the people back on Earth.

“Galaxies Collide” by Aaron L. Bratcher is now available for purchase via the link provided below:

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