Citi of Books goes to 75th Frankfurt Book Fair

One of the biggest international book fairs this year is just around the corner. The 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse, a five-day trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, will happen this October. With thousands of exhibitors and visitors, we are proud to say that Citi of Books will be one of them.

As the Frankfurt Book Fair celebrates its anniversary for another year of serving the industry, this year will be a new chapter to be written. But before that, everything started in 1949, when the very first Frankfurt bookfair was held in St. Paul’s Church with 205 German publishers present and over 9,000 guests attending. It was founded by the Book Fair Committee, namely Alfred Grade, Walter Gericke, Gottfried Löbemann, Dr. Heinz Bergmann, and Dr. Kurt Georg Schauer, in March 1949. (More history of the Frankfurt Book Fair is here: )

After years, the book fair has grown bigger and now hits its 75th anniversary, celebrating literary and cultural diversity. With a series of activities prepared, one of the most anticipated this year is the chosen country to be the guest of honor, which is Slovenia. The country will present not just its diverse, unique qualities as an attractive place to travel but also as a country with a rich literary tradition.

This year, as we join the largest book fair in the world, we are excited to present the books written by our distinguished authors. From fiction to nonfiction, a variety of books will be displayed in our designated booth. Some of our chosen authors will visit for book signing and greeting.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy and explore the literary chronicle of the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, starting on October 18–22. Join us, and let’s create a new chapter of history to be told.

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