CBS Radio host Benjie Cole interviews Dale Anthony Pivarunas, the author of the book “Christian Economics: The Integration of Capitalism, Socialism, and Laborism”

When it comes to providing information to the public or introducing a brand, a radio interview is one of the best mediums to use. That is why, in cooperation with CBS Radio’s host Benji Cole and Citi of Books publishing, the inspiring and amazing stories behind every author’s work will be heard.

Benji Cole of CBS Radio interviews Dale Anthony Pivarunas regarding his book “Christian Economics: The Integration of Capitalism, Socialism, and Laborism.” The author shared the interesting message and inspiration of his book.

Dale Anthony Pivarunas, the author, has four degrees: a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s degree in business administration, and a master’s degree in operations research. He has experienced four layoffs in his career, with accompanying periods of unemployment. He has worked two jobs at a time to provide for and support his family. Mr. Dale spent the last ten years studying, reflecting, and researching the topics covered in his book.

His book, “Christian Economics: The Integration of Capitalism, Socialism, and Laborism,” promotes justice, fairness, balance, cooperation, and mutual respect within business, economics, and politics and is based on three principles: good is to be done and promoted, and evil is to be avoided; you are to love your neighbor as yourself, and you are to treat each human being with absolute dignity. Every business strategy, every business policy, and every business transaction need to be based on these three principles.

Listen to the full interview below:

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