Bunnie Colson’s fantastic children’s book, “The Singing Princess,” is now available for purchase

Bunnie Colson’s “The Singing Princess” children’s book publication was proudly launched by Citi of Books. The spectacular picture book encourages young readers to be brave and chase their dreams. This book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites.

As a child, the author, Bunnie Colson, was very shy and spent most of her time daydreaming and reading. It was much later in life when she decided to pursue her career in accounting and dabble with writing. The book “The Singing Princess” was her first book dedicated to her children, Randy and Denise.

She always encourages her children to read lots of books and chase after their dreams. She wrote “The Singing Princess” while working her way through college. She felt inspired to write a children’s book and just ran with it. It was not until many years later that her grandson suggested she get the book published. Even though she stopped writing, to this day, she still loves to read and now encourages her grandson to do the same.

“The Singing Princess” is a book about a young and beautiful princess named Polly. Polly loves to sing and lives in a castle with her mother. She had such a beautiful voice that she decided to enter a competition in Sturton.

On the way to the competition, she runs into a lot of new friends. She meets a toad, an owl, and a boy. She also must escape the wicked witch of the forest. Polly and her new friends travel through the forest and must overcome many obstacles along the way. Polly is confident that with their help, she can defeat the witch and win the competition.

“The Singing Princess” by Bunnie Colson is now available to purchase thru the links provided below:

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