“Bullets of ‘71: A Freedom Fighter’s Story” by Dr. Nuran Nabi with Mush Nabi is now available for purchase

Citi of Books proudly presents the publication of the book “Bullets of ‘71: A Freedom Fighter’s Story” by Dr. Nuran Nabi with Mush Nabi. The book is the true story of how a frail young man developed into a politically conscious student activist before transforming into a heroic freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War. Purchase this memoir through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

Dr. Nuran Nabi was a dedicated activist of the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and a valiant freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. Based on his heroic contribution to the Bangladesh Liberation War, the Far Eastern Economic Review, in its May 6th, 1972, issue, described Dr. Nabi “as the brain of the Freedom Fighter Forces“. He was awarded a special citation by the commander-in-chief of the Bangladesh Liberation Army. After the war, he finished his master’s at Dhaka University, received his PhD from Kyushu University in Japan, and did his post-doctoral research at New York University.

He then joined Colgate Palmolive Company, where he was the co-inventor of Colgate Total toothpaste technology. He has about 50 patents and 50 publications to his credit. After 22 years of dedicated service to Colgate, Dr. Nabi retired to a life of public service as a councilman for Plainsboro Township, NJ. He was re-elected four times and has been serving as a councilman for last 16 years.

Throughout his post-war career, Dr. Nabi has founded numerous socio-cultural, political, and charitable organizations in the United States. Dr. Nabi is well known in Bangladesh and throughout the world for his outstanding achievements in the liberation war, the scientific field, and public service. Dr. Nabi’s wife, Dr. Zeenat Nabi, is also a research scientist. They have two sons, Mush Nabi and Adnan Nabi. The Nabi family is now permanently living in New Jersey, USA.

“Bullets of ’71: A Freedom Fighter’s Story” details Dr. Nuran Nabi’s experience growing up in rural Bangladesh and living through the tumultuous episodes of the Bangladesh liberation movement and the liberation war

The Bangladesh Liberation War was bloody. Three million people were killed, thousands of women were raped, and ten million people were forced to become refugees. However, this story transcends the events of the war. It explores the political backdrop among China, the United States, the Soviet Union, and India. Dr. Nabi effectively illustrates how the selfish decisions of a few world leaders led to millions of crimes perpetrated against humanity. But among all the pages in this book, none are more candid and horrific than those that cover the atrocities committed by the Pakistani military. Although the Bangladesh genocide unfolded during the nine months of the liberation war, Dr. Nabi thoughtfully separates these stories to remind us of why he and his fellow freedom fighters fought.

The most accurate description of what happened in 1971 Bangladesh is found in “Bullets of ’71: A Freedom Fighter’s Story.” It is an engrossing tale that highlights crucial aspects of the global quest for liberty.

Bullets of ‘71: A Freedom Fighter’s Story” by Dr. Nuran Nabi with Mush Nabi is now available for purchase via the links provided below:

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