“Breaking the Back of The Spirit of Religion” by AnnMarie Green is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is honored to announce the release of “Breaking the Back of the Spirit of Religion” by AnnMarie Green. This book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading online bookstores.

Author Apostle Ann Marie Green has three children and is 56 years old. Currently, she is a resident of Winder, Georgia. God gave the author the inspiration for this book.

As an author, AnnMarie Green is deeply committed to her work, and her faith is a significant part of her inspiration. She believes that God has guided her in creating this book, and her dedication to spreading her message is likely to be unwavering.

Despite the demands of being a mother and a writer, she is committed to devoting herself to this project and to sharing her message with others. Her passion for her work and her conviction in its importance are evident, and it is likely that her book will have a significant impact on those who read it.

Overall, AnnMarie Green is a dedicated and passionate writer who has been inspired by God to create a work that challenges religious norms and beliefs.

“Breaking the Back of The Spirit of Religion” was written by AnnMarie to bring knowledge to the readers about breaking free from the Spirit of Religion.

It takes a pure heart to worship God. Many people encounter strict rules from their respective religions such as no wearing of slippers inside the church. Parents would scold their children about wearing slippers inside the church not realizing that they were too much focused on the outward appearance of their children instead of their souls, how pure their hearts are in praying.

This book also tells how the author obtained a true relationship with God, which was more than just going to church.

Many men have been duped into believing they are marrying a holy woman, only to be disappointed and hurt by the person’s character and conduct. This is not just applicable to men but also to women. We tend to be deceived by the physical appearances of our partners and end up marrying them because we thought they were what they portrayed.

“Breaking the Back of The Spirit of Religion” by AnnMarie Green is now available for purchase thru the links provided below:

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