Beyond Wrapped Presents: Spark Christmas Magic with Citi of Books Tales

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is in town with your favorite Citi of Books book. But this time, he is not just bringing gifts wrapped in shiny paper and tied with bows; he is delivering a sleigh full of enchanting tales for the little ones. As they sat near the Christmas tree, gathered around with Santa as the head of the group, the wonderful magical tale began.

As Citi of Books celebrates the most wonderful season to spend time with your family and strengthen the bond with your kids, here are the books that will be perfect for storytelling and bedtime stories:

“Dinky and Duke’s Morning at the Farm” by Mark A. Mullens is a children’s book that makes the whole livelihood alive. Aside from being a fun and engaging story, the book has its own jingle that parents and guardians may enjoy singing along with their kids.

Another fantastic and magical book was “The Singing Princess” by Bunnie Colson, a picture book that encourages young readers to be brave and chase their dreams, to never give up, and to always seek ways to overcome obstacles. Great book for bedtime stories.

And this Christmas, let’s not forget the reason behind this wonderful celebration. The birth of Christ is the prime reason for this holy celebration. Let’s not forget to be grateful and seek help for forgiveness, just like how this book teaches the children that God is always present, “Holy Spirit, Help Me Be…” by Michelle Ingram.

In the heart of the festive season, the world of children’s book publishing is abuzz with captivating stories, whimsical illustrations, and magical adventures, all poised to spark imaginations and create lifelong memories. Sharing the delights and joy of this wonderful season. Gather around your Christmas tree and wrap up these books with Santa in your small, cozy town called home.

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