“Alisa in Washerland” by Marian Flores is now available for purchase

Citi of Books gladly announces the publication of the book “Alisa in Washerland” by Marian Flores. This magnificent children’s picture book is now available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites.

Marian Flores has spent her life living in small Connecticut towns. She is married, has a son, and has an elderly cat. As an artistic child, she won many art awards. She graduated from Paier College of Art and later from Central Connecticut State University, where she was inspired to write this book. Currently, she is an art teacher at a private special needs school. She greatly enjoys her students, who are children on the autism spectrum with multiple disabilities.

“Alisa in Washerland” is a contemporary twist and plays on words with the classic book Alice in Wonderland.

The book is inspired by the author’s dislike for washing dishes as a child and her nieces’ disdain for putting dishes in the dishwasher. When Marian’s sister had a dream that she was living in the dishwasher, she found a way to combine all these things into this whimsical fable.

Join Alisa as she faces an embarking adventure inside their dishwasher. “Alisa in Washerland” by Marian Flores is now available for purchase via the links provided below:

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