“A Rose from Charlie and Marie” by Dennis Frank Maček is now available for purchase

Citi of Books is delighted to launch the publication of the book “A Rose from Charlie and Marie” by Dennis Frank Maček. This thrilling book is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets.

Dennis Frank Tomas Macek, formerly a U.S. government operative, university English teacher, and air-conditioning technician, lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, Judith Kay Wilson, a retired professor of literacy. Both practice Zen Buddhism and are active politically to arrest climate change.

“A Rose from Charlie and Marie” is a thriller novel and a love story implicitly animated by Buddhism.  The major theme is acts of love and courage prove us to be eternal beings.

The most profound yearnings that people have, such as a longing for love or an exciting experience, are frequently drawn to them in the complex dance of human needs. Sometimes presented as an unexplainable lure to self-destruction, these desires are mysterious and long-lasting, often buried or suppressed. Marie and Charlie’s union appears almost inevitable, implying a plan that goes beyond simple love and concern.

The book was rated 4 stars and reviewed by Elizabeth A. Allen of ForeWord Clarion Reviews, who quotes, “Charlie and Marie make for compelling characters… Though Buddhist philosophy appears in the pages, this is definitely a highly readable story. A ROSE often finds Charlie and Marie considering in what way to best live their ‘lives’. They strive always to do good and not to spread harm, which leads them to perform delicate moral calculations in their spy jobs. The tension between their positive morality and their undercover activities forms an interesting basis for this unusual story.”

“A Rose from Charlie and Marie” by Dennis Frank Maček is now available for purchase via the links provided below:

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